Highly Experienced

Mobile marketing is what gets us out of bed in the morning and has done for years. That means we know what we are doing, but more important we know how to make mobile marketing work for you. Our fully-customized mobile marketing strategies are designed specifically for small & medium sized businesses and we pride ourselves in offering a wealth of experience and a pragmatic approach to mobile marketing that emphasizes thorough execution.

Results Focused

For us, success is defined not by our own balance sheet, but by the business opportunity generated on behalf of our clients each year. When you partner with us, we set success criteria with the sole purpose of making sure you get the results you want. We leverage mobile marketing for you, and bring you the customers you want You concentrate on turning them into repeat customers.

We Grow With You

While youll likely start with some simple but highly effective SMS text marketing campaigns, youll soon realize the potential of mobile marketing and decide to explore it further. This could be mobile website/app or mobile social media marketing We supply all of this and more in-house which means as a team we know your experience so far and where you are headed in order to grow with you and support you every step of the way.

Specialist Expertise and Leading Strategies

Lifetimesms.com is here to ensure your experience with mobile marketing is a positive one. As local mobile marketing experts, we know that your business has its own unique interests and needs and this gives us the upper hand. This means taking the time to understand your goals and objectives and helping you use mobile marketing in a way thats right for your business, so that you can see a GOOD return on your investment.

We aim to provide free SMS service "to" anywhere in the world, sent "from" anywhere in the world. We have a dedicated team which makes sure that every message sent using our website is delivered. In order to maintain the delivery rate and the quality of our service we have a dedicated setup running 24/7, which constitutes of:

  • Primary servers located in USA which includes
  • 32 x SMS gateway servers located at 2 different locations in United States
  • 8 x SMS gateway servers located at various locations in Pakistan
  • SMS gateway server configuration
  • SMS gateway server configuration
  • Pentium 4 Core 2 Duo 2.8
  • 4 GB DDR
  • 250GB HDD Primary drive
  • 250GB HDD Backup drive
  • High data rate GSM modems
  • Multiple Internet connections from different ISPs
  • All necessary backup devices i.e UPS, generator etc
  • Secure network environment

In order to ensure that no one is abusing/ spamming/ threatening or misusing our service we have a team that is constantly monitoring the data and they immediately block the IP of any such user who violates our rules and regulations. Additionally, if required, we will share the data with PTA / FIA or any other concerned authority.

So enjoy sending unlimited BRANDED SMS on any network in WORLD using our guarantee of delivering your message 24/7/365 at lightning speed.

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The website is dedicated for business sms only. Illegal sms, fake sms, anonymous sms and any kind of harassment through our website is strictly prohibited. We monitor and keep records of each sms 24/7. If our team fond any member indulged in any illegal activity so our team have rights to terminate his/her account immediately and permanently. For further please check our Terms and Condition and Agreement of Privacy policy Also check our Reversal/refund policy